Your first project-based challenge will be a maze called "The Labyrinth". Successful completion of this challenge will require a thorough understanding of the movement behaviors and commands available in ROBOTC.
1. Challenge
Beware! Not all versions of the Labyrinth are the same. Your board, your robot, and your program may all differ from the ones shown in the video... now is your time to shine as a problem-solver and programmer!
1. Labyrinth Challenge
2. Moving Forward
Moving forward using motor commands and timing.
1. Program Dissection
2. Reversing Motor Polarity
3. Renaming Motors
4. Timing
3. Speed and Direction
Modifying motor commands to move in different ways.
1. Motor Power Levels
2. Turn and Reverse
3. Manual Straightening
4. Shaft Encoder
5. Automated Straightening
6. Integrated Encoders