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Check Your Understanding:
  1. 1. How do you enable PID in ROBOTC?
  2. In the Motors and Sensors Setup, with the IME checkbox
    In the Motors and Sensors Setup, with the PID checkbox
    Using the enablePID[motorName] command
    Using the startPID[motorName] command
  3. 2. True or False. You should not have PID enabled in remote control programs.
  4. True. The motor values are already rapidly adjusted by the joysticks.
    False. PID should always be enabled if you have the integrated encoders.
  5. 3. True or False. Setting the motors to move at full speed with PID will yield the best results.
  6. True. This allows the robot to move the straightest and fastest.
    False. If motors are moving too slow, there isn’t any additional power for the PID algorithm to apply to the motors.
  7. 4. Where can you observe the values of the motors and integrated encoders as the robot runs?
  8. In the Sensor Debug Window
    In the Variables Debug Window
    In the Motors Debug Window
    Using the LCD on the VEXnet Joystick