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Check Your Understanding:
  1. 1. True or False. The PID speed control algorithm allows the robot to compensate for imperfections in the motor and drivetrain.
  2. True
  3. 2. How is the robot able to calculate how fast it is going?
  4. It has a built in speedometer
    It can’t tell how fast it is going
    By comparing the current position of the motor to where it was a split second before
    Using the VEX speed sensor
  5. 3. The difference between the desired speed of the motor and the actual speed of the motor is called:
  6. the difference
    the error
    the fault
    the speed force
  7. 4. If a motor is moving too slowly the PID speed control algorithm will:
  8. Apply an adjustment value to speed it up.
    Recommend that the user replace that motor with a new one.
    Slow the other motor down to match it.
    Change the gear ratio internal to the motor.