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Check Your Understanding:
  1. 1. To compete in a VEX Robotics competition, robots must be able to connect to the ________.
  2. Competition Driver Network
    Field Control System
    Vex WiFi Network
    Driver Control System
  3. 2. The ROBOTC Competition Template automatically configures Motor and Sensor settings.
  4. True
  5. 3. VEX Competition matches start with a(n) _______ period.
  6. User Control
    Hand Held
  7. 4. What does the VEX Field Control System do?
  8. Start and Stop matches for all teams
    Allow Referee's to disable robots
    Tells all robots when to switch from Autonomous to Driver Control
    All of the above
  9. 5. The values in the Competition Control section of the Competition Template are used durring a VEX Robotics competition.
  10. True
  11. 6. The Robot communicates with the Field Control System through the...
  12. #include"Vex_Competition_Includes.c" command.
    Driver Control Network
    All of the above.