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Check Your Understanding:
  1. 1. If one of a paired punctuation such as parentheses is missing:
  2. The robot will assume that it is there and continue running
    The program will not compile and the programmer will see an error message
    The program will bypass that statement
    The program will delete the paired punctuation that is not missing
  3. 2. Pick the true statement:
  4. Paired punctuation are interchangeable. i.e., You can replace a pair of square brackets with a pair of curly braces
    As long as there are two brackets of any kind in a pair, the program will work
    Curly braces surround what the robot will run as part of the main program, or task
    Motor command must use parentheses and wait for commands must use square brackets
  5. 3. A simple statement may affect the order that statements are run, allowing the program to skip or repeat commands as needed
  6. True
  7. 4. A single line comment begins with:
  8. A single slash (/)
    Two slashes(//)
    A slash and asterisk (/*)
    An asterisk and a slash (*/)
  9. 5. A multiline comment ends with:
  10. The pressing of the Enter key
    A single slash (/)
    An asterisk and a slash (*/)
    Two slashes (//)