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FREE VEX Webinars to learn ROBOTC programming!

***UPDATED DAY/TIME FOR VEX IQ WEBINARS: VEX IQ Ringmaster Webinars will begin Fridays at 9am!***   Starting in late October we will be offering FREE ROBOTC webinars to help you learn how to program your solution for the VEX Virtual Competitions. Live instructors will guide you on topics such as: …

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Amplify your programming skills for VEX competitions!

This year, the CS-STEM Summer of Learning CS-STEM Summer of Learning will help you learn how to program your VEX robots using ROBOTC Graphical! You will learn skills like: Robot Math (Program movements with more accuracy!) Autonomous Movement Programming Sensors Repeating behaviors Autonomous Decision making The skills you learn in the CS-STEM …

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Pittsburgh Area – May Madness 2017 Info!

We are excited to announce the Sarah Heinz House May Madness event for 2017! This year’s event will take place Saturday, May 13th at the Sarah Heinz House in Pittsburgh, PA. To sign up or for more info, visit the Sarah Heinz House’s May Madness page!    

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Compete in the World’s Largest Hacking Competition – PicoCTF!

PicoCTF high school computer security competition begins March 31! picoCTF – a free, online computer security competition for students grades 6-12 – is coming March 31, 2017! The game is designed for total beginners *and* experts alike, and over 30,000 people have already played. Students can pre-register today on the website. Please …

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Deep Sea Robotics Competition from the Museum of Fiction

The Museum of Science Fiction is hosting a robotics competition. Take a look at the details below: Oceanographer Paul Snelgrove said, “We know more about the surface of the moon and Mars than we do about the bottom of the ocean.” The mysterious dark depths of the sea have been …

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Droids Robotics – FLL Razorback Invitational Recap

The Droid Robotics are back with an update on their latest competition! —————————————————— Last week, our Pittsburgh-based robotics team (Not the Droids You Are Looking For) attended the First LEGO League (FLL) Razorback Invitational. The FLL Razorback Invitational is a 72-team invitational, championship tournament that was held from May 14-17, …

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Pittsburgh Area – May Madness Info!

We are excited to announce the Sarah Heinz House May Madness event for 2015! This year’s event will take place Saturday, May 2 at the Sarah Heinz House in Pittsburgh, PA. This Year’s Game: We will be using the VEX IQ Highrise game. Both VEX IQ and LEGO robots can compete! We …

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DARPA Launches Robots4Us Video Contest for High School Students

DARPA wants to know what you think. Create a 2-3 minute video that shows the kind of robot-assisted society you'd like to see in the years ahead. Winners will earn opportunity to attend DARPA robotics challenge!

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Botline: Create classroom competitions! 50% off RVW

We are happy to announce that we have just released the ability for individual teachers to develop their own Robot Virtual World (RVW) programming competitions, and RVW courses. Robot Virtual Worlds is also having a 50% sale that runs until Dec. 21st. See our latest developments on Robot Virtual Worlds for NXT-G and LabVIEW software.

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Robotics Summer of Learning Competitions Ending Soon!

Our inaugural Robotics Summer of Learning competitions is coming to a close on August 31! We have received some great entries, but there is still time to submit your programs for a chance at some awesome prizes.

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