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Changes to CS2N

As some of you may have noticed, CS2N has undergone a bt of change since this past Spring. It is an exciting change that would essentially allow CS2N to expand, and bring more focus on Computer Science and STEM related content. Due to this shift, CS2N has adopted a change in name, now known as CS-STEM.

As with these changes, it also brought forward many suggestions from our users, with many great additions. We want to use this new found collaboration, and with that said, CS-STEM will begin publishing a list of changes moving forward.

Here are most notable recent changes

• Added ability to generate password or set password using the spreadsheet template file when generating student accounts for groupsaccount-pword-


• Added icons for Group Activities to allow for easier navigation

• Added Blogs to the header

• Improved handling for student account generation
• Improved filtering when viewing courses, RVWs, and others

• Updated CS2N Learn ( to match CS-STEM Network theme

• Updated to student account generation to allow special characters in names (i.e. Mary Elizabeth Smith, Chris O’Reilly)
• Fixed accordion style containers to work properly
• Fixed rare crash when generating student accounts
• Fixed certificate QR code broken link

November 9, 2016

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